2009年07月03日 11:05

 いつも面白いコラムを載せているJohn Lohn氏の世界選手権アメリカ代表メンバーの予想です。

50 Freestyle (Men)
1. Cullen Jones
2. Garrett Weber-Gale
**Gut says Jimmy Feigen is going to make a real run.

50 Freestyle (Women)
1. Dara Torres
2. Kara Lynn Joyce
**Lara Jackson will battle Joyce for the second spot.

100 Freestyle (Men)
1. Michael Phelps
2. Nathan Adrian
3. Garrett Weber-Gale
4. Matt Grevers
5. Ryan Lochte
6. Jimmy Feigen
**The times produced will provide an idea of whether the U.S. will give the French a battle in Rome.

100 Freestyle (Women)
1. Dara Torres (If she swims it)
2. Dana Vollmer
3. Julia Smit
4. Kara Lynn Joyce
5. Lacey Nymeyer
6. Amanda Weir
**If Torres goes, and she said it's up in the air, look out for a 52-point showing.

200 Freestyle (Men)
1. Michael Phelps
2. Ryan Lochte
3. Peter Vanderkaay
4. Ricky Berens
5. Dave Walters
6. Davis Tarwater
**The battle for the second slot should be a dandy

200 Freestyle (Women)
1. Katie Hoff
2. Dana Vollmer
3. Allison Schmitt
4. Dagny Knutson
5. Julia Smit
6. Mary DeScenza
**This thing is wide open

400 Freestyle (Men)
1. Peter Vanderkaay
2. Ryan Lochte (If he swims it;
**If Lochte goes here, it'll be interesting to see how low he can go.

400 Freestyle (Women)
1. Katie Hoff
2. Allison Schmitt
**What will Kate Ziegler bring to the table?

800 Freestyle (Women)
1. Katie Hoff
2. Kate Ziegler
**Can they erase the Beijing struggles that surfaced in this event?

1500 Freestyle (Men)
1. Peter Vanderkaay
2. Michael Klueh
**Without Vendt, No. 2 spot is open.

100 Backstroke (Men)
1. Aaron Peirsol
2. Matt Grevers
**There isn't a tougher race to call on the men's side.

100 Backstroke (Women)
1. Hayley McGregory
2. Margaret Hoelzer
**With Coughlin out, these two seem well above the rest.

200 Backstroke (Men)
1. Ryan Lochte
2. Aaron Peirsol
**This could go either way, as has been the case in the past.

200 Backstroke (Women)
1. Margaret Hoelzer
2. Elizabeth Beisel
**Repeat of Trials in Omaha.

100 Breaststroke (Men)
1. Mark Gangloff
2. Eric Shanteau
**No Hansen means the need for a 59 from one of these guys.

100 Breaststroke (Women)
1. Rebecca Soni
2. Megan Jendrick
**Solid tandem for sure.

200 Breaststroke (Men)
1. Eric Shanteau
2. Scott Spann
**It's hard to know what Spann will do. Hopefully an Omaha-esque effort.

200 Breaststroke (Women)
1. Rebecca Soni
2. Caitlin Leverenz
**Leverenz looking to break onto big-time stage.

100 Butterfly (Men)
1. Michael Phelps
2. Matt Grevers
**Behind Phelps, Grevers looks like best bet. Maybe a 49 from Mr. Olympia.

100 Butterfly (Women)
1. Christine Magnuson
2. Dana Vollmer
**Vollmer could win this thing.

200 Butterfly (Men)
1. Michael Phelps
2. Davis Tarwater
**A familiar finish.

200 Butterfly (Women)
1. Mary DeScenza
2. Kathleen Hersey
**Another relatively open event.

200 Individual Medley (Men)
1. Ryan Lochte
2. Eric Shanteau
**Shanteau takes advantage of Phelps passing on event.

200 Individual Medley (Women)
1. Dagny Knutson
2. Ariana Kukors
**American record likely.

400 Individual Medley (Men)
1. Ryan Lochte
2. Tyler Clary
**Clary is a future star.

400 Individual Medley (Women)
1. Dagny Knutson
2. Elizabeth Beisel
**Young guns lead the way.



 ただ気になるのは、やはりジェイソン・リーザック選手のエントリーが未だにアップされていない事です。リレーでフランスに勝つには絶対に必要な大黒柱だと思います。John Lohn氏も追加エントリーがあると言及しているので、選考会に来てくれることを願っています。

See you NEXT !